Sites Refreshed, Crawlbars Eliminated

I’ve refreshed both this blog and Habilis. They now sport Responsive CSS designs, so no matter what device you view them on, you will never see the dreaded crawlbar.

Extechops has switched from the rather narrow and abandoned Day Dream theme to the more comfortable and up-to-date Twenty Ten theme. A modified version of Todd Halfpenny‘s Responsive TwentyTen plugin provides a responsive layout. has had an iPhone style sheet for a while, but now a general-purpose responsive style sheet spans a range of 20 to 82 em on any device. I’m particularly proud of the responsive table-wrapping mechanism on the AppDNA page. For wide-screens, an experimental 2 CSS-column layout is activated on WebKit/Mozilla-based browers via Modernizr.

One advantage of having a site designed in 1999 is that it is unintentionally future-proof. The average screen in 1999 was roughly the size of a iPad screen today – so displays perfectly with only minor adjustments. Thank goodness, I never fell for those 3-column fad designs so popular in the aughts!

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