Caturdays Past

Our old family cat, Indy, had to be euthanized last week. He was my familiar for the past year and a half — always present to help with my goal of total world control (being a persian, he was particularly keen on having the washing machine converted into a centrifuge).

The pictures above are from an attempt to take a Christmas letter portrait of Indy and me with a webcam. It took 41 tries to get a single picture where both Indy and I are looking at the camera — mouse over the small multiples to see the full set. What is the internet for, if not to post slightly embarising pet portraits?

Although his official name was “India’s Jasper,” I always preferred my father’s re-naming of “India Ink” — he was a flowing black cat, not a rock.

Indy’s cat sitter and his daughters left this nice note the last time they came to play with him.

Love Indey

He was a constant bother pleasure, as only a cat can be. Thanks for all the Caturdays, Indy!

One thought on “Caturdays Past

  1. Thank you, Indy, for allowing me to lay claim to the “big room” upstairs for the past few months. You truly were a gracious host, and an amazing cat (if I’m allowed to admit that about a co-feline). My human and I will miss you!


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