wfinger: WebFinger and command-line finger combined

WebFinger is a new protocol for mapping email addresses to public profile information. Despite being named after the classic finger protocol, there isn’t a version of the Unix finger command that supports the WebFinger protocol. So to fill this gap, I’ve cobbled together wfinger – the traditional finger command with WebFinger support.

  • Binary: (Mac OS X 10.6 Universal Binary)
  • Demo CGI Gateway:

    Or: curl

Example (using web-fingerling Blaine Cook):

% ./wfinger

[ - web finger]

Account:               Name: Blaine Cook
Organization: BT                        Title: Sociotechnologist
Email:                                  Phone:
Address: Belfast, Northern Ireland

            tel: http://tel:447595925264

Latest Tweet:
   #blogtalk2010 finished, really lots of fun. Thanks to @johnbreslin
   and everyone else here for a great event. :-D

The WebFinger-based output of wfinger is mainly fields extracted from the user’s profile using the hCard micro-format. To add some color, wfinger will also display the user’s latest tweet, if a Twitter account is detected. When WebFinger information can’t be found, wfinger falls back to using the traditional finger code/protocol. Thus, it still works with those who have keep the finger-protocol flame alive throughout the dark ages, like bzs and alexis at The World and Panix.

I also added code to look for a new “” relationship in account XRDs. The “hfinger” stand for HTTP Finger, and hfinger URLs should point to HTTP finger gateways that return text/plain finger output. This allows fingerd-like output to be tunneled via WebFinger resource discovery. You can see this in action by wfingering my account ( This will be useful for people who just want traditional finger output, but are on systems that don’t allow port 79 access.

I hope wfinger will generate some interest in the WebFinger protocol amongst the command-linerati and grumpy grey-beard sysadmins, who run the internet. Share and Enjoy!

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