The Snout of Development

A resting Eurasian Lynx

Eurasian Lynx by Michaelphillipr

I finally got around to converting Lynxlet from Ye Olde CVS repository into Subversion. By default the cvs2svn tool uses the customary trunk/branch/tag naming. I’ve never much like this naming scheme, in part because “tag” breaks the botanical morphology theme (shouldn’t it be trunk/branch/leaf?)

Since Lynx are carnivores, I decided mammalian anatomy would be more appropriate. So now main development is done on the “snout”, speculative versions are on “tails” and snap-shots of individual releases are “paw-prints.” See where Lynxlet’s snout leads it at the Habilis Public Subversion Repositories.

One thought on “The Snout of Development

  1. Hmm, then a speculative version that hangs out for a long time without merging into the snout becomes a “long tail”?

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