HTML in 3D!

Boing Boing recently noted the satirical McSweeney’s piece “Leaping off the Page” by Ben Greenman that proposed a 3D typographic system, 3*TYPE, which would allow simple prose to meet the challenges of the Avatar-inspired 3D revolution. However, where would satire be without farce? So taking things to their natural extreme, I present “HTML in 3D!” which implements the 3*TYPE process for any web page.

HTML in 3D is a bookmarklet and CSS stylesheet that produce a anaglyph stereoscopic 3D effect for common HTML text elements (headers, links, etc). It should work in most modern browsers (i.e. probably not IE). Put on some anaglyph red-blue 3D glasses and click the link to see this post in headache-inducing 3D:


How to use the bookmarklet elsewhere:

  • Drag the 3D! link above to your browser’s bookmark bar
  • Load any web page
  • Don anaglyph red-blue 3D glasses
  • Click the 3D! bookmark, and watch the HTML pop!

Thanks to GEKE.NET for the CSS Bookmarklet Maker.

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