Case Study: Blistering Barnacles! release to Apple’s Web App List

I released a simple iPhone and iPod Touch web app called “Blistering Barnacles!” (BB) — a homage to my favorite Tintin character, Captain Haddock. I submitted BB to Apple’s Web Application Catalog, which produced a small flurry of hits. Here are some of the numbers. In total about 770 unique visitors ran the app, about 460 on the first day when BB was listed high on the front page. There were very few repeat visitors, averaging about 1.08 runs per visitor.


Geographically, the English speaking countries are at the top. Curiously, Singapore makes a very strong showing, and why so few Australians?


After two days, BB had fallen off the front page and was in 10th place on the Most Popular page and 4th place in the Entertainment Category. Interestingly, the percent of iPhones to iPod Touches was roughly 60%/40%. I’m surprised there were so many Touches.

I wasn’t particularly surprised by the low numbers, partly because the Adventures of Tintin are not that well know (at least until the movie comes out). Also, web apps are now a quiet backwater in the iPhone ecosystems in comparison to native apps which are directly accessible from the iPhone/Touch.

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